Andrew Joung

Research Assistant & Aspiring Economist joungandrew at gmail dot com

Authored Papers:

Bachireddy, Chethan, Andrew Joung, Leslie K. John, Francesca Gino, Bradford Tuckfield, and Katherine Milkman. (2019) “Comparing Financial Incentive Structures for Promoting Physical Activity: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” JAMA Network Open


Allcott, Hunt Benjamin B. Lockwood, and Dmitry Taubinsky (2018), “Should We Tax Soda? An Overview of Theory and Evidence.” (under review)

Beshears, John, et al. (2017), "Creating Exercise Habits Using Incentives: The Tradeoff between Flexibility and Routinization." Working Paper.

Beshears, John, et al. (2017), “How Do Consumers Respond When Default Options Push the Envelope?” Working Paper.

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John, Leslie, et al. (2016), “The Ineffectiveness of Inconspicuous Incentives: A Field Experiment on Inattention.” Working Paper.

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